Version 2.31.0 - Release Notes

Snap Connection Selector Blueprints

Apply this blueprint on your snap connection theme graphs. These blueprints give you access to the two room category it connects to and are great for selecting special doors for certain rooms (like boss / treasure rooms)

This sample has a custom door for boss and treasure rooms (red and yellow doors)


the red and yellow doors have this blueprint attached to it, where we check if either of the two room it connects to has the “Boss” category

Check the sample here:

SGF Module Selector Blueprints

Hook on to the build process of a SGF dungeon and filter out modules you don’t want at a certain location. For example, we have two variations of rooms, one with pillars, and one without. We filter out the pillar version if there’s no room below it

These are added in the dungeon actor’s properites

Check out the sample:

SnapMap Module Rotation Constraint

SnapMap Module Database items have a flag to allow / disallow module rotation while stitching them together. Previously this was a global flag in the config that affected every module globally. You get more control, similar to the SGF module database

The boss room is set to not rotate, which the other modules can rotate. You can find the sample here

Module database here:

Procedural Fill SGF sample

Design only the main rooms in your SGF dungeons, and procedurally fill up empty space in between. This is done by creating a room that creates procedural goemetry (using another grid dungeon actor inside the room)

There are only 4 rooms custom designed here, The rest if filled up procedurally

Find the sample here:

Tutorial for setting this up is coming soon

Node Coordinate input added to Module Category Selection

You can now use the node coordinates while deciding on the category of rooms to select at a certain node in your ModuleCategorySelection blueprints

For example, use the Z value of the coordinate to give a different look on each floor, or select a differnet room type on the edges of the dungeon

Find the sample here:

Bug Fixes / Misc

  • Theme Engine crashed in some instances when nested markers were used on larger theme files
  • Landscape Modifier class’s properties are exposed to blueprint
  • Grid Flow Query has a new node to return connected chunk node coords, to allow traversal across the flow graph