PCG Exclusion volumes

I have followed the PCG snap map tutorial, but in the end I decided to create own PCG graphs.
Everything is great and shiny but one thing.
I added exclusion volumes (as in electric dreams tutorial). They do work flawlessly when I put them to the scene manually.
But when I create them using “Door” node in the snap actor. They are generated (I can see them in the scene). They have correct scale and the required tag. But they are not visible in the persistent level and what is worse they do not cause the PCG in sublevels to not generate.
I went through the tutorial few times already and I am pretty sure I have followed it correctly. The exclusion volumes placed manually do work but the ones places as door do not. Is there anything more to do which is not mentioned in the tutorial? :-/
I have tried everything I could though of but still cant get it to work. Could someone help me please?
Thank you.