Oil Rig Theme - Grid Cell Flow Builder

Dungeon Architect version 2.30.0 comes with an experimental new builder called Cell Flow

As of now, there are two sub-types of cell flow builders

  • Grid Cell Flow
  • Voronoi Cell Flow

I’ve built a sample theme to demonstrate the Grid Cell Flow builder.

Installation Steps

NOTE: This theme was built on 5.2, so it will work only on 5.2 and above

  • Download this free marketplace asset and create a project with it: Factory Environment Collection in Environments - UE Marketplace
  • Open the project and enable the Dungeon Architect plugin
  • Download the copy this theme to your content folder: DA_Sample_OilRig.zip (383.4 KB)
    It shoud look this this:
  • Open the map: Content/DA_Sample_OilRig/DA_OilRig_Map
  • There’s a new asset called Marker Settings that lets you define different wall / ground assets for each path in the flow graph. Content/DA_Sample_OilRig/OilRigMarkerSettings

Let me know if you any questions