Destroying Dunegons on Remote Clients

I am having issues with destroying a SGF dungeon on a remote client. I am using reliable multicast RPCs to call build and destroy on the server/client. The dungeon gets built fine on server and client but as soon as I try to destroy it, I get all sorts of level streaming errors on the client. The server destroys fine but anything that is not set to “Replicates” remains on the client.

Before Build:

Post Build:

Post Destroy:

Build/Destroy Blueprint:

Right now the only work around I have is to have all actors set to replicated in my modules which is not ideal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time

@UnrealUser1990 Welcome to the forums!

I’ve completely rewritten the snap streaming code to use Unreal Engine 5’s new LevelInstance actor features. So each chunk is a level instance actor, and the level streaming management is done by the engine itself. This does the following:

  • Makes the level streaming code clean and stable
  • Streaming the same level multiple times at different locations was not supported in unreal engine 4 editor. With Level Instances, you can generate snap based dungeons in the editor and save them
  • Works with World Partition
  • Allows some nice tooling to be built on top of this, where the dev can manually stitch different modules together using the cursor in the level editor’s viewport (currently working on it).

I’ll test this with Multiplayer and release this in the next update soon